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Professional Home Services is a reputable roofing company that offers the Henrico County area’s leading installations near you. We are licensed and insured, and we strive to be the most trusted roofing company in Virginia. We have over 30 years of experience as an industry-leading service provider. For more information about the most experienced roofing company near you, contact Professional Home Services today!

Your roof must be able to resist the harshest weather to safeguard your loved ones. Every project begins with a thorough assessment that allows us to tailor our services to your specific requirements. Our Richmond, VA roofing contractors strive to provide comprehensive service and a wide selection of solutions. For many of our high-quality services, we can provide same-day quotations.

All services are covered by a workmanship warranty, and all manufacturer warranties are honored as well. Some of our options include:

Top-Rated Roofing Companies Near You Virginia's Most Trusted Roofing Company

Your roof is a major safety feature that has a significant influence on your home’s overall health. They are designed to withstand decades of weather abuse, but should always be regularly checked to ensure total functionality. For over 30 years, Professional Home Services has been providing Henrico County with long-lasting, high-quality roofing. Our expert roofers can handle any project, whether it’s a new living space in need of a quality roof or an older property in need of a new one. Our team strives to be your one-stop shop for all of your roofing needs. Whether you need a new roof, a replacement, or a reroof, we have the knowledge and equipment to install industry-leading roofs. For more information, contact our licensed and insured roofing contractors near you today!

Types of Roofing Material

Asphalt roof shingles

Very well-known for their lightweight, cost-effective, and water-resistant protection. Asphalt shingles are Class A fire resistant and have a 20 to 30-year average lifespan.

Cedar shakes

Highly fire-resistant. This material is a highly stylish alternative for environmentally friendly consumers. Cedar shakes are available in a variety of colors and shapes, and they offer natural insulation and durability. Shakes made of wood can endure up to 25 years.

Concrete tile

Tile features a highly durable and low-maintenance material in a cost-effective package. This material can protect against hailstorms, wind, and fire.

Metal roofing

One of the strongest options available. Able to withstand winds over 120mph and can last well over 40 years, this material is the ideal option for businesses or homeowners looking for the most durability.

Top-Rated Roofing Companies Near You New Roof Installations

Hire a roofer with the skill and experience to provide high-quality professional installations. Our Virginia roofers provide trustworthy service and long-lasting materials with every installation. Professional Home Services offers an array of roofing materials that will protect your home for the long term. Our local roofers will work to find the most cost-effective solution to make the most of your investment.

If your Virginia home is in need of a brand new roof, or if you are starting a new construction project, Professional Home Services has the tools and expertise to equip your home with decades of comfort. Our experts come prepared with all of the tools to provide fast and effective services throughout the project. For more information about the highest quality roof installations near you, contact us today!

Reasons to Get a New Roof

Home Protection

Your entire home relies on a high-quality roof as its core defense against the elements. As it ages, rot, mold, mildew, and other types of damage could begin to plague the home.

Increase Curb Appeal

A professionally-installed roof is one of the most effective selling points for home buyers, and is a great way to separate yours from the competition.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Cheap or old roofing materials directly impact energy efficiency, and higher quality materials can provide the extra protection your home needs. Newer technology is powerful enough to take some of the strain off of your HVAC system.

Gain Peace of Mind

With a new roof, your home will have decades of protection and security. With long-lasting materials, you can rest assured that you are getting the best protection available. We only use high-quality materials, and our licensed and insured experts will ensure proper installation so you won't need further service in the near future.

Roof Replacements

Older homes may need a replacement in order to maintain safety and energy efficiency. With a replacement from Professional Homes, we will have an opportunity to assess the overall health of the house. Replacement services will give you an opportunity to discover and repair other hidden issues before they have a chance to impact safety or reliability.
Making sure your roof is in good shape is one of the best investments you can make, and will directly influence the value of your home. Also, insurance companies carefully consider the state of the roof when determining coverage options. A replacement could make them more confident in providing better coverage. To learn more about the highest quality roof replacements near you, contact us today!

Check Your Attic for Damage

Your attic is another important component of your home that needs to be taken care of and could give you key insights into how healthy your home is. We recommend inspecting your attic to ensure that it has a sturdy foundation and is safe to use.

Which Roof Service Do You Need?

If your shingles are old but the overall structure is in good condition, a reroof is a fast and cost-effective way to improve your home's safety without costing too much

Three things you need to look for:

Rusty Nails
Black & White Stains
Look for visible light

Roofing replacement:
For larger damages, or if your roof has more than two layers of shingles, it will need to be replaced

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