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Many homeowners may be considering purchasing stronger and more durable doors for their houses. Every homeowner should think about investing in high-quality doors as a safety measure. It’s critical to invest in quality parts for every part of the home. Every part is important, from the robustness of the doorknobs to the durability of locks.

The best options are built to provide years of lasting protection, durability, and proper sealing, which improved energy efficiency. Professional Home Services is Virginia’s leading door installation company with over 30 years of experience serving the community. Our services can provide you with a number of important safety, energy, and financial benefits.

Our wide selection is custom-made and designed to provide a long-term solution to all of your needs. We have over 30 years of being Virginia’s most trusted installer. For more information about the most reputable door installers near you, contact us today!

Exterior Door Installation Services

Your home’s door is a significant feature that may offer a lot of value and aesthetics. Professional Home Services provides a selection of options with the most up-to-date technology and craftsmanship. We offer unrivaled installation services with expert customer care. Our materials are also energy efficient, which means they help your HVAC systems work more efficiently.

Having properly installed exterior doors is one of the most important safety measures. Improperly installed doors leave a draft that could directly impact your home’s energy efficiency. It could also present a safety hazard. With Professional Home Services, your installation project will be handled by licensed and insured experts.

Our goal is to help ensure that you get the help and long-term solutions you need. By investing in our options, you will have access to the best materials available. For more information about our services, contact us today!

Some of our options include:

Front entry doors

The key to a secure and safe home. Also one of the most customizable elements of the home's exterior.

Entry doors

Usually built from steel for durability, quality, and security.

Patio doors

For an insulated and easy entry into your outdoor living space.

Patio doors

For an insulated and easy entry into your outdoor living space.

French doors

A highly decorative option with an array of style options, ideal for patios and balconies. Also, a great source of natural light to enter the home

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Any installation or replacement project has the potential to improve your entire quality of life. Professional Home Services’ materials are manufactured with care and attention to detail. From enhanced energy efficiency to increased resale value, every installation service comes with a lasting benefit.

Professional Home Services has a 30-year track record of providing exceptional service. We’ve been providing installations and replacements for decades, so you can know that we take pleasure in our work. We aspire to be Richmond’s most innovative and comprehensive door installation company.

If you’re ready to find the all-around solution to your interior or exterior needs, we are ready to be the only solution you’ll need. We are available to answer any questions you may have and to offer effective solutions. For more information about our professional door installations near you, contact us today!

Interior Door Installation Services

Interior doors are one of the many comfort features equipped in every home. They are also made to be constantly open and shut, meaning they can withstand years of constant use. They can also be a major stylistic addition to your home’s interior design. With Professional Home Services, your installation project will be handled by licensed and insured experts. For more information about our services, contact us today! Interior options are composed of high-quality materials that will last for decades. Any installation or replacement service includes high-quality doors and components.

Our options include:


Pre-hung includes pre-installed door jambs, and these options are quick and easy to install. Ideal for bedrooms and closets.


We can offer a basic slab if you already have a jamb.

Frosted glass

Popular for privacy, frosted glass is ideal for bathrooms, showers, and other areas.

Solid wood

Wood has always been popular for its strength, aesthetic, and durability..

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